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Many are attracted to mining with ether for various reasons. One of them is the innovation of the crypt and a variety of related perspectives. At the initial stage, it is enough to start dismantling without preparing special equipment. Here it is enough to use a standard PC or a pair of video cards. Negative factors can be considered common technical problems, as well as the duration of withdrawal of funds to an electronic wallet. Sometimes the standard process may be delayed.

How to choose the right equipment

To start mining, any video card is suitable. The main thing is that the weight of the RAM should not be more than two gigs. It is very important that the load on the PC does not exceed the possible earnings. To increase the efficiency of work, you can connect several video cards with CrossFire.

Experts believe that the following options are considered the optimal types of video cards:

They can be connected to a home PC, you can use the Cryptocompare website to compare all the options and clarify how long the equipment costs can pay off.

Selection of software suitable for mining

As a rule, several basic programs are used, with the help of which users connect to pools and start mining. One of them is Ethminer. It is considered the most popular. Also Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Decred is used. It allows you to mine several currencies at once. When extracting ether, you will have to pay a commission of one percent.

How to choose a pool
A pool is a special server that distributes the load between PCs. They are equipped with calculation methods that determine the contribution of each parameter of the technique. Based on these indicators, miners receive their profits. To achieve the maximum result, you can connect to such pools:

You can turn your attention to more modern pools, but the above options are considered the most popular.How to extract ether with a video card
In order to learn how to mine efficiently and make money on it, you need to meet a number of certain requirements. They are as follows:

The Windows system must be at least version 7;
All drivers must be updated in a timely manner;
it is possible to install one or two video cards:
the RAM must be at least 3 GB. The best option is 4 GB;
before you start work, you will need a wallet.

To set up a video card, you need to specify the power of the system. If the power is exceeded, there is a discrepancy between the entered data and the received output. This can lead to a refusal to issue funds. Therefore, the ether does not tolerate overclocking.

How to store ether correctly
In order to avoid the risk of losing ether, the funds received can and should be stored only on verified, secure wallets. They can be as follows:

The official Ethereum wallet.

Before choosing a wallet, you need to check it for reliability in advance, as well as proceed from your own needs and the convenience of withdrawing money if necessary

The main positive and negative aspects of working with ether
Like any cryptocurrency, Ether has its pros and cons. Of the positive aspects, the following parameters can be noted:

You can study the mining process and make money on it yourself;
This is a safe process, transparent and does not pose any risk to users;
The software is updated quite quickly;
The system itself is available to users, thanks to the economical cost, the opening of additional functions;
User actions are completely confidential and protected from attacks and viruses.

The main disadvantage is the instability of the exchange rate. As for Ethereum, it is considered an excessively volatile currency, which leads to a change in direction, which means that users run the risk of losing their money.

Additional methods for obtaining ether
In addition to the standard withdrawal of Ethereum into electronic wallets and its purchase on various sites and exchanges, there are other, alternative ways to obtain this crypt. They are as follows:

Trading on the stock exchange for the sale and purchase of crypts;
Purchase via exchanger;
Direct purchase or exchange through the same users. In this case, it should be noted that they are reliable and guarantee safety. After all, even in this niche there can be scammers and scammers.

Everyone can choose for themselves the most convenient way to receive ether.

Which operating system is chosen for Ethereum mining

To start mining, you need to choose a suitable operating system, the parameters of which can be found on the official websites. At this stage, we will consider three main options:


Mining on Windows system;
Mining on HiveOS;
Get Ether on RAVE OS.

And if Windows is a standard program that is used, then the two types listed below are specialized systems designed for crypto mining. Software created for extraction. Before starting work, you need to decide which option is most suitable. And most importantly, whether it is suitable for the PC.


Why Solo Mining Has Become Less Popular

Recently, solo mining has become less popular. This situation can be explained by the following reasons:

There is a lot of competition in this area, so users have found an alternative in the club;
Due to the technical difficulties that arise, a PC can not always cope with the load. Therefore, it would be more correct to combine them into pools.

The joint mining process allows participants in the process to earn more and avoid technical and related difficulties.


Why You Can Use Cloud Mining
Frequent problems with the extraction of electronic currency are associated with the equipment used. Therefore, many have identified for themselves the positive aspects of the cloud storage type. In this case, there is no need to purchase special equipment, that is, they are rented. The company that provides such services is responsible not only for providing the necessary capacity, but also for its maintenance. However, users have to pay for these services. And in the event of a breakdown, the repair should be carried out by the lessor of the equipment.

In addition to the required payment, this method also carries additional risks. If the ether falls in price, its extraction can lead to losses. In addition, there are many cases when such services turned out to be scammers. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider such representatives. Such companies should have a good reputation and establish themselves as high-level specialists.


How to use a calculator for mining
To identify the risks and positive aspects of the proposed mining of the crypt, you can use a special online calculator. It provides the ability to monitor offers and specify the time required to remove the block. The majority of users choose cryptocompare.


Why do many users consider Ether mining a risky earning option
Every cryptocurrency mining carries a risk. Therefore, no exchange can guarantee 100% results. Ethereum currently only bypasses Bitcoin. This has long been a leader among cryptocurrencies. The ether itself, despite its many years of success with users, began to reduce its turnover due to the difficulties associated with it.

This includes both relatively high commissions and errors in the work system itself. Nevertheless, users are still trying to mine with the help of Ethereum, as this is a reliable and proven option. Able to really make a profit in a short time on safe terms.