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Metamask for blockchain computers($AVAX, $in ETH, $tic, etc.) SafePal, supports a huge number of blockchains, has a browser DAPP one of the best TrustWallet solutions, a simple proven outcome and time, supports many cryptocurrencies Phantom/Solflare/Sollet only for Solana polkadotjs for the street by us/Ada Lite/Daedalus for Cardano, I recommend having several wallets. If you keep Solana for a long time, it is better to take a separate wallet for her. If your goal is to store Cardano, then choose a wallet specifically for it, and throw all other assets into SafePal. The more wallets you have, the lower the chance of losing access to the entire crypt. Diversify.

I recommend to bother and buy a hardware one. According to ledger and trezor, there was a problem that they did not deliver to the Russian Federation, well, the price of $ 150-200 is not very pleasant for many. There is a good alternative for less money – Safepal, also hardware, but the price is only $ 50 + there is delivery to the Russian Federation.

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We are waiting for Twitter, the launch of tokens and other wallets now, for example, such as Metamask. By the way, I have been keeping LBV in my portfolio for a long time, as one of the most fundamental projects, I believe in the potential, and I buy off every good drawdown… Are Stablecoins (“dollars”) safe? The most popular stablecoin (so far) is $USDT from the Binding company. It is most often used in the Tron $TRX network. Popular “dollars” are dangerous for long-term storage because of their centralization. The Trosa company has the right to freeze “dollars” on any account. They can also be received from US dollars in US dollars. The $DAI cryptocurrency is decentralized and the smart contract does not support the freezing of funds. It is better to use it, especially if you plan to keep “dollars” for a long time. Web 3.0. On which decentralized platforms to trade? Since the summer of 2021, I have been trading exclusively on decentralized exchanges (DEX). for, this is: 1 inch (for Ethereum, Polygon, BSC-BNB) pancakeswap (BSC-BNB) traderJoe (Avalanche) Quickswap (Polygon) MuesliSwap (Cardano) Raydium (Solana