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How to buy a Binance coin (BNB) that made a 1000% increase in 2021 - immapsummit
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A little more than 10 years have passed since the appearance of the first digital coin. During this time, the financial market has been replenished with e0e thousands of versions of various types of cryptocurrencies, some of which are more promising and profitable, others are not so widely popular.

Whether to invest in BNB is worth deciding after you study the information about this type of crypt, its functions and capabilities. BNB or Binance Coin is the base currency of the binance exchange. It was created in 2017. BNB was launched for general access with a cost of $ 0.50, after which the rate of $ 350 was systematically achieved, and the rapid growth of the rate was noted at the second stage in a few years in 2019 and in 2021.

Initially, the cryptocurrency Binance (binance) Coin was created as an Ethereum token (ethereum), over time, its own blockchain platform was developed. To date, the capitalization of Binance Coin is almost $ 74 million.

The value of the cryptocurrency is regulated by the regular burning of a certain number of tokens. This also guarantees transparency of prospects and predictability for traders, investors who have decided to invest in such a crypt. The deflation procedure allows you to adjust the cost not only now and at the moment, but also in the near future.

Steps to Buy Binance coin (BNB)

Binance Coin is one of the best options offered by the crypto exchange. The exchange itself supports all types of trade and financial transactions – storage, sale, purchase, exchange of BNB coins for any other type of crypt and fiat. On the platform, you can also use coins and tokens for staking in order to receive additional passive income. Before conducting any monetary transactions, including if you decide to exchange BNB for rubles, it makes sense to do a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the market. You can do your own research for this, or you can use publicly available information from well-known experts. When buying any crypt, it is important to correctly prioritize and determine the goals. This way you can reasonably make the only right decision that is relevant at the moment.

Choose a crypto exchange

To get this kind of crypt at your disposal, you can open the Binance platform itself. But other cryptocurrency exchanges also provide favorable conditions. There are no problems with where to buy BNB.

Before doing any actions on the platform, make sure that the conditions that are optimal for you are provided here. In addition, since such sites are often subject to hacker attacks, the company must guarantee the security of storing your personal data, as well as conducting all operations on the platform. The functionality should be as practical, convenient, pleasant as possible, design — presentable, but extremely simple, not distracting attention from the main goals set.

To start your way into trading, it is enough to solve the question of how to buy a binance Coin:

open the platform’s start page via a browser or install an application on your smartphone;

complete registration and verification by providing representatives with all the necessary documents.

After that, all the options of the platform will be available to you, you can use it without restrictions for investing, trading, to obtain stable passive income in the long term.

Top up your account

You will have a personal account in your account, which you can initially top up with fiat money from a bank card, bank account, electronic wallet, terminals. Buying Binance Coin should be as simple and fast as possible.

The list of available payment systems may differ on each platform. It is better to get acquainted with it before you register, so that there are no unexpected inconveniences, and there is always an opportunity to buy a crypt for those assets that you have available.

Place an order

When all the basic steps are completed, you have a personal account on the platform and the account is replenished, you can simply exchange BNB for rubles. To do this, create an order, specifying the type and amount of currency. After that, you complete the transaction by choosing the most favorable conditions.

Where to store BNB?

Binance Coin is one of the cryptocurrencies that can be used for various purposes. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose the optimal way to store the crypt. You can do this using browser and mobile wallets. To date, the most popular are the following:

Trust Wallet is a digital wallet from the Binance platform itself. A good option to safely store binance (binance) coins, but exists only in the mobile version. To ensure security, dual-mode authentication, biometric format is supported. PIN codes can be set. Due to the built-in browser, you can use decentralized applications on the Binance blockchain, and there is also a staking option.

Binance Chain Wallet is another official wallet from Binance with sufficiently expanded functionality in the browser version. This is a great option where to buy BNB. Installation of the program takes a couple of minutes. It can be used as an extension of Chrome, Firefox and Brave. Supports not only crypt storage, but also exchange between blockchains, decentralized applications. Immediately think about how to store the issued access keys, passwords, so as not to lose access to your assets.

Metamask is one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets today. It works both as a browser version and as an application for mobile phones. It has quite a lot of functions. On the platform, you can exchange Binance (binance) coins, conduct other operations in decentralized applications.

Atomic Wallet is a multifunctional version with a high level of security. There is a cryptographic gateway. It is quite convenient to use, but sometimes there may be delays in making payments.

Exodus is a multifunctional wallet that supports transactions with a large number of digital currencies. The level of security is provided quite high, the reputation of the platform is good for a long period of work. The only disadvantage of using this wallet, which users note, is the large size of the commission.

In addition to mobile and browser versions, you can use the hardware type. The best solutions will be:

Ledger — guarantees an extremely high level of security, it is possible to restore access to assets, even if the device is lost, supports a wide list of cryptocurrencies. The ideal option is to ensure that the purchase of Binance (binance) Coin and further long-term storage are reliable.

SafePal is a hardware wallet developed with the support of Binance. The level of digital security is high, but the wallet itself is made of a rather fragile material. Supports SafePal App, NFT.

Considering all the options and ways to buy Binance (binance) Coin, you can pay attention to the exchangers. Today they represent a solid niche of the digital financial market. Reliable platforms provide a high level of transaction security. You can find the platform where it will be most profitable not only the actual rate of the crypt, but also the commission for the transactions carried out. You can use the services at any convenient time. In addition, the crypto exchange — a good tool to regularly monitor the exchange rate of various currencies and get up-to-date information.

Is it worth investing in BNB?

After several years, today Binance Coin is considered one of the most promising. According to the CoinMarketCap rating, it occupies the 4th position, that is, it is on the leading step. Having rationally analyzed all the initial data, it is possible to structure all the pros and cons in order to draw conclusions whether the Binance Coin cryptocurrency is suitable to establish the process of trading or investing with the maximum possible profit.

The advantages of this cryptocurrency include the following factors:

Leading Utility Token. The Binance platform itself is developing quite actively, grasping new trends in time. You can profitably conduct transactions on the platform itself, as well as buy coins for additional passive income.

There is an opportunity to use this crypt as a full-fledged payment tool to pay for services and goods from a mobile wallet.

A well-predicted position due to the unique policy of burning coins. Due to this, a limited number of available coins are supported and the value of the currency is steadily increasing.

Reduction of trading expenses. Using BNB, you can get solid discounts on commissions from Binance.

High transaction processing speed — up-to-date data corresponds to 1.4 million operations per second. According to this indicator, Binance is significantly ahead of both Bitcoin and Ethereum (ethereum).

Another point is the possibility of receiving compensation under the Pioneer Burn program for BNB. When an event occurs, which is provided for by the platform, the lost assets are included in the list of burned ones, and the owner receives compensation for losses.

Of course, it is worth considering the fact that there is a direct dependence on the Binance exchange, and that no one can guarantee the price. The exchange rate is regulated and maintained at the optimal level, but the situation can change dramatically for the better or for the worse for the owner of the crypt at any time.

Nevertheless, in 4 years of existence, the Binance Coin cryptocurrency has made a rapid breakthrough. It is considered one of the best today, has quite wide application possibilities, good price prospects in the long term.