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Kryptowährungen werden vor dem Hintergrund eines stabilen Wechselkurswachstums immer beliebter. Daher versuchen immer mehr Menschen, verschiedene Typen zu kaufen. Da sich diese Sorten jedoch vom üblichen Papiergeld unterscheiden, werden Transaktionen mit ihnen nach einem etwas anderen Prinzip durchgeführt. Nachdem Sie diesen Artikel einige Minuten gelesen haben, können Sie alle erforderlichen Informationen über die Kryptowährung herausfinden, […]

Cryptocurrencies have become a popular way to invest. Those wishing to acquire such an asset invariably face the question: which kind of crypt to buy. Bitcoin is considered the most popular reliable, but altcoins provide a large profit (today they account for 60 percent of the cryptocurrency market, and in total they are estimated at […]

Today there are various ways to purchase a crypt of one kind or another. One of the most popular among both beginners and experienced traders is cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerage platforms. It is not difficult to deal with the question “Solana — how to buy” if you have a general idea of the processes taking […]

Trading cryptocurrency is difficult. You can make your life much easier by using a crypto exchange. But with so many options, including those that appeared just a few years ago, choosing the right exchange requires caution. When cryptocurrencies first appeared, the first followers acquired coins by mining or exchanging them on online forums. But if […]

A little more than 10 years have passed since the appearance of the first digital coin. During this time, the financial market has been replenished with e0e thousands of versions of various types of cryptocurrencies, some of which are more promising and profitable, others are not so widely popular. Whether to invest in BNB is […]

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies to this day, there has been a dynamic progress in the development of this direction. If initially only Bitcoin was available as the only alternative to the usual fiat money, today the range is much wider. There are many options for digital currencies, and some of them are steadfastly holding […]

Despite the fact that bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency, its rapidly rising price and processing time have forced people to look for an alternative. Based on the weighty arguments of the price and time of the operation, a new alternative to cryptocurrency appears. What is an altcoin? Altcoin is any cryptocurrency or digital currency […]

Bitcoin (btc) is the world’s most well-known and reliable type of cryptocurrency. The news in 2022 is as follows: it collapsed from $47,733 (peak value on January 1) to $18,948 (June 18). Since then, it has not risen in value above $ 23,400. Bitcoin’s main competitors are not feeling any better either — ethereum has […]

In order to track blockchain transactions and assess the state of the network, special blockchain services were developed, which a few years later were called browsers. They have a general purpose and principle of action. Sometimes it happens that for some reason the payment does not arrive at the client’s account. This leads to the […]