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All major cryptocurrency airdrops in September 2022 - immapsummit
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The crypto market is gradually coming to life after a protracted crypto winter, and coin issuing companies are resuming work with the community. In September, more than a dozen crypto projects will distribute their tokens to loyal participants for completing simple tasks. BeInCrypto has compiled a selection of the most interesting and profitable airdrops.


The WhiteBit cryptocurrency exchange will distribute native WTB tokens worth $50,000 to users who will complete a number of simple tasks. 5% of participants who complete all tasks will share the prize pool of $20,000 in WBT, the next 6-25% of participants with the highest scores will share $20,000 in WBT, and the remaining participants will share $10,000 tokens in WBT.

How to participate:

register on the WhiteBit exchange;

fill out an application for participation in airdrop;

complete all tasks;

expect the results of airdrop;

Tokens will be credited to the wallet on the WhiteBit exchange.


Primex is a cross—chain brokerage protocol for margin trading. At Primex, lenders provide liquidity to pools where traders can use it to trade with leverage in a cross-DEX environment. At the same time, lenders can profit from margin fees and profits from successful transactions. Now the protocol is in the Alpha version stage, and users can get tokens for testing the protocol.

How to participate:

submit an early user application on the company’s website;

go to the app and connect the MetaMask wallet;

get tokens for the network test by following the instructions;

check the Lender’s functionality;

check the Trader’s functionality;

describe the errors you have encountered and enter them in the form;

subscribe to the company’s Twitter, Telegram and Discord pages;

Bug bounty participants will be able to receive native project tokens after the protocol is launched.


Nomic is launching a bridge that will connect the Bitcoin and Cosmos blockchains. With the launch of the bridge, a new nBTC token will also be created, which supports IBC and fully supports BTC. As part of the airdrop, Nomic will distribute 3.5 million native NOM tokens to ATOM token holders. Holders or interested persons of ATOM with at least 1.5 ATOM until January 21, 2022 at 11:22:43 UTC are eligible to apply for free NOM tokens.

How to participate:

go to the airdrop page;

connect the Keplr wallet;

the system will automatically take a snapshot of your wallet. If you were an ATOM token holder on the date of January 21, 2022 at 11:22:43 UTC, you will be able to apply for NOM tokens.

More details here.


Retrograde is a protocol built over the Astroport blockchain. It allows ASTRO stakeholders and Astroport liquidity providers to maximize profits from the Astroport platform with the least cost and effort. The company will distribute 10 million RETRO tokens to Astroport users.

How to participate:

go to the Retrograde airdrop eligibility checker page;

enter your Terra address;

If you are eligible, you will be able to apply for RETRO on November 11, 2022.

More information about airdrop is here.


LandDAO is a protocol for the fractionalization of lands in metaverses. This project unites metaverse landowners from all corners of the virtual world into a single DAO. LandDAO Company will distribute a total of $90,000,000 to landowners in the metaverses The Sandbox Game, Decentraland, Somnium Space (lands only), Cryptovoxels, Treeverse, NFT Worlds, Byoverse, Ember Sword, Neo Tokyo Land Deeds, Influence Asteroids, Voxel Ville, Substrata, matrixWorld, FLUF World: Burrows, Netvrk Land. To participate in airdrop, participants must own at least several lands in the listed metaverses at the time of March 2022.

How to participate:

go to the airdrop page;

connect a MetaMask wallet;

If you are eligible, you will be able to claim free $LAND tokens;

The number of $LAND tokens you can claim will be determined by the total value (in ETH) of the lands belonging to your wallet;

50% of the declared amount can be claimed immediately, and the remaining 50% can be claimed within 60 days after the token launch.