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Download crypto signals - assistant for working with cryptocurrency.

Download crypto signals - fast and convenient

To explain in more detail: Crypto signals are trading recommendations that help you to find out which orders are optimal with your chosen broker and when is the optimal time to do so. This guide explains how you can use our crypto signals to be successful in the cryptocurrency market without having to do any technical analysis yourself.

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What exactly are crypto signals used for trading?

The best way to explain crypto signals is to understand them as trading recommendations that our in-house analysts provide to you as soon as they spot a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Our team uses years of technical analysis expertise to ensure you have access to all the important data you need to make a profitable trade. Each signal should provide us with five key data points, including a required limit price, a take profit price, and a stop-loss order price. These are the minimum requirements.

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Benefits as soon as you download the financial planner


Bitmex Signals are Bitcoin price rising and falling trading signals provided by the Bitmex exchange.


Altcoin signals compatible with the most popular exchanges such as Binance and the US version of Binance, OKEx and HitBTC.


A dynamic 24/7 support system where all your questions will be answered.


A daily guarantee of two to five highly analyzed crypto signals, each with the potential to generate the biggest profit.


Analysis of cryptocurrencies and projects currently in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage, as well as interesting information and news from the world of cryptocurrencies that may affect the price of cryptocurrencies.


Signals specifying times when purchased cryptocurrencies should be sold, stop-loss levels that can be used to hedge positions, and signal implementation periods (short, medium, long).

455 / 5 000
Результаты перевода

If you register with us, you may receive the following signals from us, for example:

  • LIMIT PRICE – $1200

  • LIMIT PRICE – $1000

  • STOP LOSS – $1500

  • EARN – ETH / USD


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According to our analysis, some of the most important advantages are the following:

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What are the positive aspects of our crypto

Cryptocurrency trading signals of the highest quality


Years of Experience


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Expert Team


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Project Manager


This figure shows that our analysts expect the value of the ETH / USD (crypto signals / US dollar) pair of crypto signals to increase in the not too distant future. Given this new information, the next step would be to place a buy order with your broker.

Also, suggested prices for limit, stop loss and take profit orders are displayed. This topic is covered in more detail in this guide. After receiving the signal, you need to go to your online broker and place an order using the numbers and information our specialists gave you.

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We send out 3 VIP signals per week in our free Telegram group. Each signal comes with a comprehensive technical analysis where we explain why we are making the trade and instructions on how to trade with your broker.

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